roasted octopus with punched potatoes and garlic olive oil

A lot happened during the last month. I was celebrating my first year in Portugal and my 27th birthday; organized a homemade burrito & sangria night in my living room for all my friends; went to France where I explored the amazing products and made new friends at the oldest covered market in Paris, took part in a photo session by my lovely and talented sister (check out the About page), tried authentic Cambodian food prepared by very cool young chef and his mother and ate tons of delicious, French cheese; was enjoying the first days of spring and planted fresh herbs in my little garden; spend a day picking wild calla lilies in a cute little town close to my house and for the first time hosted Easter lunch for my new family, full of polish tapas and Portuguese treats. I loved every single moment of it and decided to enjoy it to the fullest. But now, after a little break, I am back. And I am back with something special. One of my favorite Portuguese dishes and something I was planning to prepare for a long, long time. I served it as a main dish at the Easter lunch with fresh salad made of ice berg, red cabbage and nuts and white vinho verde. It was delish!

  oven roasted octopus with punched poatoes from



(2-4 servings)

1,2 kg frozen octopus

1 medium onion, peeled

1 cup red wine

0,5 kg small potatoes, unpeeled

6 garlic cloves, chopped + 1 whole clove, peeled

2-3 tbsp olive oil

handful fresh parsley or cilantro

sea salt



Put the frozen octopus to a big pot with the red wine, 1 peeled garlic clove and onion. Boil over a medium high heat until the octopus is completely unfrozen and the onion is soft inside. Drain the octopus, remove the head and beak and cut the legs off. Meanwhile wash the potatoes and transfer to a pot with salted water. Cook them just for few minutes, until the water starts to boil. Transfer the potatoes to a big baking tray and add the cooked and cleaned octopus legs. Drizzle with some olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt. Bake in 220°C until the potatoes are soft and octopus lightly charred. Meanwhile heat up the rest of the olive oil in a pan and add the chopped garlic. Cook over a low heat until the garlic turns aromatic and slightly golden (do not overcook!), set aside. When everything is nicely roasted, transfer the potatoes to a serving tray and punch every single one with a meal mallet or fist wrapped in clean kitchen towel. (The sliced potatoes that you can see on one of the photos are pan fried, herb potatoes I also made that day). Add the octopus, drizzle everything with the garlic olive oil and sprinkle with chopped parsley or cilantro. Serve immediately and enjoy 🙂

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