delicate lemon mousse

After I got back from my Christmas holidays I found a big pile of lemons and oranges on my kitchen table. A good soul taking care of our house while we were away brought them from her trees. I can’t imagine a better view than a pile of freshly harvested citrus, especially after coming back home from cold, cold Poland 🙂

I decided that at first I would prepare something with the lemons. I was wondering what would showcase their beautiful flavor in the best way and then I remembered something. About half a year ago a friend of mine took me to a lovely restaurant with amazing cooking books on the wall shelves and an open kitchen, full of young chefs. After a very good meal the waitress came to ask what kind of sobremesa (dessert) would we want (in Portugal the question is never IF you want a dessert, it’s obvious you want it :)). And since I really enjoyed the meal they prepared for me I asked if it would be possible for the chef to decide about my dessert. After a while a closed jar filled with white cream appeared in front of me. I opened it, spooned a bit, tried and…well, I was in love. Maybe I didn’t hide it very well or maybe I didn’t want to but when I looked at one of the chefs he was standing there, with a huge smile on his face, like he knew I absolutely loved it.

Since then I’ve been wanting to recreate this flavor I experienced in that lovely restaurant. So here it is – delicate, light as a cloud and fluffy as a pillow – mousse from Portuguese lemons 🙂




(4 -6 servings)

4 eggs

10 tbsp sugar

juice and zest from 2 lemons

120 ml heavy cream

1/2 tsp vanilla paste

1/4 tsp kosher salt



Whisk 2 eggs and 2 egg yolks with 8 tbsp of sugar. Add salt, lemon juice and zest and stir until smooth. Transfer to a saucepan (preferably with a thick bottom) and cook, stirring, over a low heat until the cream thickens (about 8 minutes). Strain through a sieve and chill. Meanwhile whisk the egg whites and 2 tbsp of sugar to a stiff peak and gently fold into the chilled cream. Beat the heavy cream with the vanilla essence, add to the lemon cream and stir gently. Transfer to serving glasses and chill before serving. You can add some raspberries and lemon zest on top or serve alone. And don’t forget to enjoy it 😉


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