blini with eggs, tomatoes and mushrooms

If you are one of those people that prefer savory breakfast over sweet one (like me!) you will love this one! Especially if you need a filling breakfast before a long day at work/school or something special for a Sunday morning. If you don´t have much time before leaving the house – make your blini a day before and then simply heat them over a grill pan or in the oven. The rest is very simple! For me it´s like creating a tower of my favorite breakfast ingredients like tomatoes, cheese and fresh chive from my little kitchen garden. It can also be a good light lunch or dinner. Try it too! 🙂




(1 serving)

2 blini (check out my blini recipe)

2 big tomato slices

1 portobello mushroom (sliced)

2 slices of cheese

1 tsp butter

salt and freshly ground pepper


arugula – optional


Cut out the middle part of the tomato slices and set aside. Whisk the egg with some salt and freshly ground pepper using a fork. Preheat a nonstick skillet with the butter over a medium heat. Add the tomato rings and fill them with the eggs. Fry about 2 minutes and then gently transfer to the other side until completely set. Place one warm blini on the plate with arugula, cover with one slice of cheese, then with a ring of tomato with egg, few slices of mushroom, flesh of the tomato, second warm blini, cheese, tomato with egg, mushrooms and at the end sprinkle everything with some chopped chive. Eat straight away, when it’s still hot. And have a great day! 🙂


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