sardine paste

If you are looking for an easy appetizer for your guests this recipe will work very well. You can make it a day before (even better for the flavors to develop all that jazz!) and then, before the dinner or lunch, just serve it on a little crostini or with crackers. I like it sprinkled with a fair amount of roasted sunflower seeds for a little crunch but you can just give it a final touch with some fresh parsley or chives. I used sardines from Póvoa de Varzim – a little town on the Portuguese coast, about 30km from my home. I love this place especially during the low tide when all the rocks covered with ocean plants are exposed, what a view! And what sardines! 🙂




2 cans of sardines

1 red onion, chopped

handful of parsley and chive, chopped

4 tbsp of mayonnaise

4 tbsp olive oil

1 tbsp lemon juice

pinch of sweet paprika

salt, freshly ground pepper

roasted sunflower seeds – optional


Smash the sardines (with a fork) in a bowl and combine with the olive oil, lemon juice and onion. Add mayonnaise, parsley and a pinch of sweet paprika and mix well. Season to taste with freshly ground pepper and salt. Give it a little time in the fridge so the flavors will deepen before serving. Then layer the paste on a fresh bread, crostini or a toast and sprinkle with freshly chopped chive and roasted sunflower seeds. Enjoy 🙂


Loving the sardines? How about some pasta? Check out this recipe and find out how to make delicious fettuccine with sardines and garlic bread crums!

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