oven baked eggplant with yoghurt sauce

This time I want to share with you my way of preparing yummy baked eggplant slices with yoghurt sauce. I served this to a meat fan, as a light dinner, and I´ve heard “I think I like this eggplant more than meat!”. Did I mention he is far from being vegetarian? 😉 Preheat your oven, try this recipe and let me know what you think!



(about 8-10 slices)

1 medium eggplant

2 tbsp olive oil

3 garlic cloves

1 tbsp oregano 

2 tsp of red curry (If you want to use homemade one, check the this recipe)

3 tbsp greek yoghurt

1 tsp lemon juice

salt and freshly ground pepper



Heat the oven at 160°C, with grill option on. Cut the eggplant in thick slices and rub them with the garlic from each side. Toss in olive oil, oregano, salt (I used kosher salt) and fresh grounded pepper. Since I had some red curry left from this recipe (chili, ginger, red onion, garlic, lime zest, parsley and olive oil) left, I covered one side of each slice with it to make the eggplant even more flavourful. If you don´t have red curry paste at home you can just sprinkle the eggplants with some dried chili or leave it mild.

Transfer the eggplant to a casserole dish and bake for about 8 minutes on each side. Meanwhile, mix the greek yoghurt with pressed garlic, lemon juice and a pinch of salt and freshly ground pepper. Add your favourite herbs, if you like. I sprinkled it with some chive. Serve the eggplant slices hot or cold; as a side dish or solo, with a splash of the yoghurt sauce on the side.

2 thoughts on “oven baked eggplant with yoghurt sauce

  1. Hi Kalina!
    I tried this recipe some time ago but it didn’t work out as good as yours because I couldn’t tell if the eggplant was ready (I don’t use/eat it that often).
    Could you tell me how “soft” it should be when it’s ready?
    Thanks and keep up posting delicious food =D


    • Hi David!
      If 8-10 minutes on each side was not enough for your eggplant, try to cut it thiner next time. I usually advise to everyone who cooks something for the first time to taste parts of the dish before final serving. Take one eggplant ring out of the oven and cut it through or taste some. You will know for sure if its the way you like it or it need some more time in the oven. Let me know how it went next time ! 🙂


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