strawberry and yoghurt cheesecake

Today it`s one month since I started this blog 🙂 I`m so happy to see that You are visiting, reading and following my kitchen stories! I would never even expect I would have visitors from 20 countries across the world during the first month! Thank You all for finding a moment during the day to stop by and check what´s new in my world of flavours 🙂

And how to celebrate the beginning of a new month in the life of freshgroundpepperblog if not with a cheesecake, right? Today a special one, since the occasion is also special. Every bite of it is like a nibble of a light, creamy cloud. And then there are the strawberries. Beautiful, sweet and fresh. A perfect combination! It won`t be a surprise that you don`t need to preheat your oven for this one – no baking needed!

Enjoy and have a beautiful day! 🙂





660 g greek yoghurt (at room temperature)

200 g whipping cream (well chilled)

90 g powdered sugar

25g gelatin

1 tsp. vanilla extract


100 g mascarpone

100 g strawberries + some extra for garnish

1 tbsp powdered sugar


Whip the cooled cream and dissolve the gelatin. Combine the yoghurt with sugar and vanilla extract. Add the gelatin, pouring slowly, while stirring. Add the whipped cream and stir until completely smooth. Transfer the custard to a spring form and chill in the freezer until it`s completely set (minimum 8 hours).

For the topping, blend the strawberries with mascarpone and sugar until smooth. After the cheesecake sets you can coat it with the strawberry topping and decorate with fresh strawberries. And then…have a bite! 🙂


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