vinho verde granita

Portuguese vinho verde (young wine) from Minho region is something you won´t find growing anywhere else – and I´m lucky enough to live in this region! 🙂 Vinho verde, even though the name literally means “green wine”, may be white, rosé or red. It´s young, delicate and has a slightly sparkling nature from the fermentation that takes places inside the bottle. In very hot summer weekends I like to enjoy the delicious and light white vinho verde with a few leaves of mint and a squeeze of lemon juice. And, today, I had a thought – why not make granita from it? It´s very easy and so tasty! The combination of young wine, fresh mint and juice from local lemons gives this frozen dessert a very fruity and refreshing taste. I love to make desserts for the young ones but this time…strictly for adults 🙂 Enjoy !




(for 0,7l of granita)

400ml water

300ml white vinho verde

10-15 leaves of mint (fresh or dry)

100gr white powdered sugar

2 tbsp lemon juice



Combine water, mint and sugar in a sauce pan and bring to a boil. Leave aside to cool and to infuse the scent of mint. After it´s cooled, discard the mint leaves and mix the liquid with wine and lemon juice. Transfer to a container, cover with plastic foil and chill in the freezer, every 40 minutes stir with a fork. After 3-4 hours it should be ready and delicious! I served it in white wine glasses, garnished with fresh mint. Hope you will like it!


Interested in learning more about vinho verde? Check out this website:

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